Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Mid Heavy Putter

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Product Description

Cadence TR models advance putter fitting by utilizing different-weight face inserts to fit you for your stroke tempo and feel preference. Traditional-weight inserts (blue in color) typically fit mid-to-faster tempos and can improve lag putting. Heavy inserts (black) match slower strokes and can lead to better results on shorter putts. True-Roll face technology provides unmatched ball-speed consistency, the key to holing more putts and reducing three-putts.

Putter Type: Conventional
Standard Length: 35.00″
Length Range w/ Adjustable Shaft: 31.00″ – 38.00″
Head Weight: 375g
Stroke Types: Straight, Slight Arc or Strong Arc
Lie Angle Range: ±2°

Fit for Stroke Tempo
Traditional-weight heads feature a blue aluminum insert for mid-to-faster stroke tempos, and can help with lag putting. Heavy versions (black) have a stainless steel insert to fit slower tempos and improvement on shorter putts.

True-Roll Face Technology
True-Roll face technology produces consistent ball speeds across the precision-milled face, the key to holing more putts and reducing three-putts. PING studies show an increase in ball-speed consistency of nearly 50%.

Sole-Plate Weights
Weight differentiation in the high-MOI Ketsch model is achieved with different 17-4 stainless steel sole plates that vary in thickness. The putter head and TR grooves are precision milled at PING. A contrasting sight line ensures easy alignment.

Ketsch Mid Weights
The Ketsch Mid comes with either a traditional-weight 207-gram stainless steel sole plate or a heavy 232-gram tungsten nickel sole plate to match your tempo and improve your consistency.

Cadence Midsize Grips
Traditional-weight putters are identified by a blue PP58 Midsize grip. Heavy putters have a black PP58 Midsize grip. Both grips weigh the same.